Here you will find my musings, most are quite dark and appeal to a select few, if you fall under that category I hope you enjoy what you read, thoughts are welcome
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Hell's Home

As darkness falls upon this night

demons I call to hear my plight.
Armies of hell arise in wonder
help me send this world back under.

Blow open the rift, contaminate the earth,
show meagre mortals our place of birth.
A lover's kiss now tainted sour,
broke the spell, killed the power.

Time for revenge, fury and wrath
lead them down the unholy path.
Mortify silence with shattered screams
not one soul to be redeemed.

Lacerate flesh with ruptured repulsion,
explode lungs with violent expulsion.
Throw caustic bones upon the flames
slaughter, consume, to all lay claim.

Let death rage his bitter complaints,
seeing unclad souls in our restraints.
Suppurate wounds, infect them deep,
cause eternal pain, resurrect, repeat.

© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

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