Here you will find my musings, most are quite dark and appeal to a select few, if you fall under that category I hope you enjoy what you read, thoughts are welcome
Pink xx

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dark Moon Rising

Vomiting up words
that choke me in dreams
no-one there to hear
my echoless screams.

Claws rip the shroud
leave it tattered and torn
arrhythmia distorted
pulse starts to mourn.

Medicated illusions
reap the chasm of my soul
coiling into cavities
taking full control.

Visions are jumbled
in mental confusion
leaving thoughts wide
to twisted illusion.

© LadyDementia. All rights reserved


Darkness claws in
a festering corrosion,
seeping empty thoughts
mindless erosion.

Visions start to swim
blindly time bends,
desolation takes over
cold fear descends.

Decomposing skin
crippled in pain,
decimated hope
now bleeds insane.

Convulsions begin
a brutal infestation,
malignant decline
lost is salvation.

Membrane wears thin
rotten to the core,
swallows your mind
evil restored.

Savaged by sin
torpedo's of hate,
rebound through the soul
and open hells gate.

© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Hell's Home

As darkness falls upon this night

demons I call to hear my plight.
Armies of hell arise in wonder
help me send this world back under.

Blow open the rift, contaminate the earth,
show meagre mortals our place of birth.
A lover's kiss now tainted sour,
broke the spell, killed the power.

Time for revenge, fury and wrath
lead them down the unholy path.
Mortify silence with shattered screams
not one soul to be redeemed.

Lacerate flesh with ruptured repulsion,
explode lungs with violent expulsion.
Throw caustic bones upon the flames
slaughter, consume, to all lay claim.

Let death rage his bitter complaints,
seeing unclad souls in our restraints.
Suppurate wounds, infect them deep,
cause eternal pain, resurrect, repeat.

© LadyDementia. All rights reserved


Wistful entities,
fly and dance.
Consuming thoughts,
with a single glance.

Old scars etched,
within blue veins.
Core sorely ravaged,
by uncensored pain.

The thick air chokes,
in this abandoned zone.
Left wholly forsaken,
and eternally alone.

© LadyDementia. All rights reserved


Silent echoes
laced in stardust

as darkness falls in line.
Graveyard dirt coils
upon lost tombs
with sins of long ago.

Blistered sunbeams weep
no more
for those forgotten,

inhale deeply

the scent of hate
as dreams dissolve
upon broken wings.

Blueberry sky cracked
with the weight
of eternal tomorrows,

silver wisps drift
pinned to fury.

Yet final words still
kiss the air

with venom.

© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Dreams lay scattered,
shattered like glass.
Ground into dust
with shards of the past.

Echos drift by
on a fading breeze.
Empty thought fluttering
through leafless trees.

Pain grows deeper
eroding the heart,
seconds stands still
minutes fall apart.

Lifeless hours merge
days decline,
turning ever slower
the hands of time.

Hourglass empties
no sand to fall,
eyes close soflty
prepare the final call.

Darkness released
upon soundless storms,
sleep now silent
until the soul transforms.

Satans Bride

Darkness desecrates unholy lands,
bands of time stand still.
Beneath the surge of coming storms
bloody screams shrill.

Fire lights the horizon
corpses litter the ground.
Demons walk in droves,
without making a sound.

Flaying faceless victims,
bleeding bodies dry.
She glides amongst the dead
without batting an eye.

Lips of ice smile
pale cheeks aglow,
when upon the river
broken bones flow.

Humanity long departed
consumed by evils tide
Death now follows blindly
the wishes of Satans bride.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shredded Hope

Soulless eyes glisten
beneath derelict skies
frayed with frustration
so softly she cries.

Dismal and destitute
tears of grief flow
pain slowly pulses
and steadily it grows

Bleak poison corrupted
infested with speed
couldn't keep up
with developing greed.

Months grow beyond
dragged through ground
stretched to breaking
lifeless dreams drowned.

She wallows on empty
emotions now strained
thoughts obsolete
sorrow seems chained

Pain ripples again,
rancid and rotten
spasms cast out
hopes all but forgotten.

Written July 13
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Friday, 12 July 2013

Time Heals All But The Soul

Mind echoing on empty,
a pill closer to demise.
Unbearable pain eases
as another memory dies.

Unable to think clearly,
tears clouding the vision.
Months spent in fear,
mindless indecision.

Feeling utterly inadequate,
can't do anything right.
Confirmed by the fact,
I woke up here tonight.

Months spent healing,
sink in dark despair.
Everything except,
the soul they repair.

Years have now passed,
time truly does mend.
I wish at the time,
I'd had a good friend.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Music Of The Night

Under the distant moon,
alone she plays her harp.
Hidden within the shadows
the music breaks her heart.

In the cemetery she performs,
a haunting musical delight.
war betwixt angels and demons
is frozen just for this night.

Treasured is each note,
that bewilder untrained minds.
Bewitched are the stars,
that on the river shine.

What brings sorrow to some,
to others brings cheer.
The freedom of song
is priceless and dear.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Happy Holidays

Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas.
All of you rejoice.
Presents for everyone.
Plump is the turkey of choice.
Yuletide is the best time of year.

Holiday cheer for all.
Olive branches extended.
Lovers dance slow at the ball.
Ivy center pieces on the tables
Decorations on the tree.
Angel sits at the top.
Youngsters smile and laugh in glee.
Songs and carols makes the perfect end.

An Acrostic Poem. 

Acrostic- A poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when read vertically.
Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved


There she is, my baby girl,
her long legs begin to uncurl.
Stretching her body she grins,
as our wonderful day begins.

Starting with our ritual,
thats become habitual.
Rubbage here, rubbage there,
rubbage, rubbage everywhere.

A quick wash of the face,
as we have another embrace.
Time to stop the baby talk,
we need to take you for a walk!

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Internal Thoughts

Death comes slowly today
from the inside out I decay.

Sweeping over your tired soul,
leaving you frozen, so cold.
Oppressed by your serpentine mind,
wondrous echo's of previous time.
Hooded figures assemble round you,
waiting for deaths distinguished debut.

Until ultimately its completely finished,
and reality has become diminished.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Spirling Out Of Control

Shards all around, I watched the glass fall,
cracked and broken, tears come as I recall.
Once it was in one piece, like our household,
funny, doesn't take much for things to unfold.

Holding it together, I'm losing the crusade,
not really one of faith but still I have prayed.

Coming apart at the seams, stress takes its toll,
wondering if ever again I will be back in control.
Out of my hands its up to strangers to decide,
whatever the outcome, I will remain by his side.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Fear Is Knocking

Apprehension begins to bubble
alarming anxiety is on the rise.
Frozen dread chills your spine,
trembling closer towards demise.

Fear is knocking...

Swirling darkness amplifies,
descending deeper and deeper.
Horror and panic do paralyze
as you finally meet the reaper.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved