Here you will find my musings, most are quite dark and appeal to a select few, if you fall under that category I hope you enjoy what you read, thoughts are welcome
Pink xx

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shredded Hope

Soulless eyes glisten
beneath derelict skies
frayed with frustration
so softly she cries.

Dismal and destitute
tears of grief flow
pain slowly pulses
and steadily it grows

Bleak poison corrupted
infested with speed
couldn't keep up
with developing greed.

Months grow beyond
dragged through ground
stretched to breaking
lifeless dreams drowned.

She wallows on empty
emotions now strained
thoughts obsolete
sorrow seems chained

Pain ripples again,
rancid and rotten
spasms cast out
hopes all but forgotten.

Written July 13
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Friday, 12 July 2013

Time Heals All But The Soul

Mind echoing on empty,
a pill closer to demise.
Unbearable pain eases
as another memory dies.

Unable to think clearly,
tears clouding the vision.
Months spent in fear,
mindless indecision.

Feeling utterly inadequate,
can't do anything right.
Confirmed by the fact,
I woke up here tonight.

Months spent healing,
sink in dark despair.
Everything except,
the soul they repair.

Years have now passed,
time truly does mend.
I wish at the time,
I'd had a good friend.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Music Of The Night

Under the distant moon,
alone she plays her harp.
Hidden within the shadows
the music breaks her heart.

In the cemetery she performs,
a haunting musical delight.
war betwixt angels and demons
is frozen just for this night.

Treasured is each note,
that bewilder untrained minds.
Bewitched are the stars,
that on the river shine.

What brings sorrow to some,
to others brings cheer.
The freedom of song
is priceless and dear.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Happy Holidays

Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas.
All of you rejoice.
Presents for everyone.
Plump is the turkey of choice.
Yuletide is the best time of year.

Holiday cheer for all.
Olive branches extended.
Lovers dance slow at the ball.
Ivy center pieces on the tables
Decorations on the tree.
Angel sits at the top.
Youngsters smile and laugh in glee.
Songs and carols makes the perfect end.

An Acrostic Poem. 

Acrostic- A poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when read vertically.
Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved


There she is, my baby girl,
her long legs begin to uncurl.
Stretching her body she grins,
as our wonderful day begins.

Starting with our ritual,
thats become habitual.
Rubbage here, rubbage there,
rubbage, rubbage everywhere.

A quick wash of the face,
as we have another embrace.
Time to stop the baby talk,
we need to take you for a walk!

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Internal Thoughts

Death comes slowly today
from the inside out I decay.

Sweeping over your tired soul,
leaving you frozen, so cold.
Oppressed by your serpentine mind,
wondrous echo's of previous time.
Hooded figures assemble round you,
waiting for deaths distinguished debut.

Until ultimately its completely finished,
and reality has become diminished.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Spirling Out Of Control

Shards all around, I watched the glass fall,
cracked and broken, tears come as I recall.
Once it was in one piece, like our household,
funny, doesn't take much for things to unfold.

Holding it together, I'm losing the crusade,
not really one of faith but still I have prayed.

Coming apart at the seams, stress takes its toll,
wondering if ever again I will be back in control.
Out of my hands its up to strangers to decide,
whatever the outcome, I will remain by his side.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Fear Is Knocking

Apprehension begins to bubble
alarming anxiety is on the rise.
Frozen dread chills your spine,
trembling closer towards demise.

Fear is knocking...

Swirling darkness amplifies,
descending deeper and deeper.
Horror and panic do paralyze
as you finally meet the reaper.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Queen Of The Cruel

Macabre and disfigured it lays,
like a caustic ode to end of days.
Repulsive now drained and empty,
of the delights it had a plenty.

Once one of natures glorious beings
now dark and spawn of hell seeing.
You embrace the night with such desire,
enthralled by love for your new sire.

Arousal has never been so sweet,
with dead and dying at your feet.
Together the darkness you do rule,
evil and noxious, queen of the cruel.

Over are the days of sunlight,
doing whats good, just and right.
Slay, pierce, guzzle and drain,
feed on their blood and their pain.

Shriveled heart, serpentine mind,
death of your soul has made you blind.
Eternally now you have eyes for one,
he who made you what you've become.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Sudden Impact.

Discarded is the opulent beauty,
gusts blow hard through your soul.
Suddenly plunged into darkness,
as it swiftly takes a hold.

The environment disintegrates,
mind begins to melt down.
Eyes no longer comprehend,
endless silence surrounds.

Swirling darkness amplifies,
descending deeper and deeper.
Consuming your whole being,
until your no longer the keeper.

Eventually it dawns,
mammoth impact ensues.
Facts finally start to absorb,
and acknowledge whats true.

Time resumes its pace,
aware of its momentary stop.
The brain sends a signal,
your body collided with shock.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Who Wants to See Another Brokenhearted Teenager? I Do!!

'I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a ****'

I, who walked over shards
of shattered glass,
for you. Bare foot?
Should have stayed put!

The only offering that remains,
are broken, blood soaked feet,
and fragments of my heart,
blood dripping in the street.

If you look, you can just see,
inferior black sewing thread.
Stitches over the surface,
pulled so tight that it bled.

My hands trembling time
after time, for what? Why?
It didn't work tho' did it?
No matter how hard I try!

You plucked it from me,
tore a hole in my chest,
I've every right to explode,
just as I have to protest.

I'm a teen,
drama queen.
So I decree,
bite me!

Written Nov 07
Themed by contest
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

The Lone Star

Darkness is swirling,
ebony mist abound.
Not one single light,
is there to be found.

Till you see it shining,
a lone solitary star.
Sending out golden rays,
that glow from afar.

Seeping the colour back into your day,
keeping evils transgression far, far away.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

The Blessed Land.

Osiris ruled with his wife Isis.
there ways were just and right.
His brother, Set, was pure evil,
and prepared trouble to blight.

He coveted the throne of Osiris,
and devised a scheme to kill.
He built a box, bound with magic,
when drunk challenged his skill.

Intoxicated Osiris entered the box,
to which the magic kept him tied.
No escape was ever possible,
he was chained until he died.

The times ahead were dark,
blessed Isis was so mild,
yet countered the wicked magic,
And before long bore a child.

The child, Horus, grew strong,
and Osiris became lord of the dead.
Horus did finally defeat his uncle,
but refused his blood to shed.

Horus and Set will battle once more,
If Horus wins, we shall give praise.
But, should wicked evil Set win,
it could well be the end of our days.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Shadows of Time

When tender years are young,
the months lightly tread.

Whilst aging towards demise,
years just steam ahead. 

Shadows of time upon you,
it can slip extremely fast.

How much spent in memories?
Did you double the hours of your past?

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Boredom Reigns

Numb, empty, nothing at all,
boredom stands proud and tall.
Ripping muscles, tearing flesh, no,
you want something bold and fresh.

What would generate real fun?
Leave you satisfied, feeling done.
What about an all out war?
Right out side your front door.

Millions dying, screaming pain,
oh the pleasure that would reign.
End of the world, better still,
that would be a real thrill.

Turn the earth into untold hell,
let all the demons rule and dwell.
Leave you Queen, standing tall
then you wouldn't be bored at all!

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Room 2012

2012, the room at the end,
the only one that transcends.
People still flock, yes thats true,
but never to sleep, only to view.

Its been years since that night,
never, ever will I forget the sight.
Blood was dripping everywhere,
no bodies though, that I swear.

It was screams that woke me,
someone howling like a banshee.
Terrified to the room I dashed,
I could hear inside getting trashed.

Over and over again I knocked,
as the door seemed to be locked.
Eventually someone came to my aid,
as they broke the door down I prayed.

Greeted with a horrific sight,
it really did give me a fright.
Every night, it happens again,
driving me almost insane.

Not one answer can they give,
every night I have to relive.
Its really hard being a host,
especially when your only a ghost.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse

Blasting Earth with scorching breath,
acid rain falls from smoldering clouds,
Beaten and lacerated with toxic skin,
running and screaming are the crowds

Suns of deep crimson, gales of ice,
Ripping our flesh, bewildering minds.
Hair melting into molten mass,
Eyeballs singeing, going blind.

The alluring stench of death,
is floating aimlessly in the air.
Not a single living thing is left,
disfigured corpses are everywhere.

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse,
War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.
Are on the last hillside preparing,
to watch mankind take its final breath.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Time Line of Love

The start of a blossoming romance
your heart does sing and soul dance.
Wistful dreams of together for ever,
knowing that you will leave him never.

Then comes comfy, like old slippers,
possibly add a couple of nippers.
Cracks and strains begin to show,
but still a love you both bestow.

End is like opening flood gates,
years of bubbling hostility and hate.
You take it out daily on one another,
until finally he runs back to his mother.

Then all alone with children to raise,
you think back to happier days.
How everything finally fizzled out,
and left you with nothing but doubt.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Unique Dreams

From the moment I awake,
a smile forms on my lips.
No it is not a fake,
and yes that is an eclipse

I look up at the blue sky,
and to my utter delight,
three little pigs fly by,
drifting along at quite a height.

My day seems rather extreme,
until I wake from my unique dream.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved


Sitting behind the desk, I stare,
all this women does is glare.
Sighing heavily I question,
Asking for a full and frank confession.

Unblinking eyes she begins,
the tales and woes of her sins.
How she had to kill her boy
as his future would only destroy.

She had cut him fast and deep,
and not one tear will she weep.
Her father is the one to blame,
this is his, and only his, shame.

It was he who did commit,
the untold sin, she did admit.
It was justice that she sought,
but not once did he get caught.

Over and over he did thrust,
till she was filled with self disgust.
Then with child she did swell,
the true dad she could not tell.

This went round inside her brain,
until finally she went insane.
She killed a poor innocent male,
now her days will be spent in jail.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved


Fires of hell and burning pits,
swirling mist of damnation.
Panic and bile rise in your throat,
as you realize your situation.

'Do a deal with the devil' they said,
'get all your hearts desires.'
Not one mention then was there,
of you burning in hells fire.

So was it really worth it then?
To ask for one true love?
To have your soul ripped and torn,
devoured by the lonely black dove.

Hell yes! Of course it was,
to feel so special and true.
Feeling all those emotions
that were previously taboo.

You'd never heard of this magic,
or spells, before that night.
Above and beyond did you go,
sought perfection, to get it right.

Bones of black cat and grave yard dirt,
these things in a box you did place.
Buried at the center of a cross roads
along with a picture of your face.

Mere seconds and there he was,
the deal was signed and sealed.
True love was coming your way
all that had ever appealed.

Twenty four hours of pure bliss,
entwined with loving romance.
Floating on clouds of cotton dreams
embracing your lover as you dance.

The fires of hell seem brighter now,
you finally got your way.
So intrigued by mortal emotion
you turned human for the day.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Browbeat Years

Into the background I shrink,
broken, faded and ignored.
Hoping that the bullies
will leave or get bored.

Brutally tormenting me,
their jeers inhumane.
Taking great pleasure,
in causing me pain.

My suffering is unobserved,
my distress undetected.
Day after day after day,
I am continually rejected.

What the hell did I do?
Why did they pick me?
Please leave me alone,
I'm begging, set me free.

At the beginning it was
name calling and jeers.
Then after some time,
violence appeared.

Hiding my bruises,
all black and blue.
Not one person guessed
what I was going through.

At long last its over,
I get to leave this school.
Along with the bullies,
who were unbearably cruel.

Written Oct 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Heart Devourer

Screams echo round the room,
bouncing off the walls.
Swirling down the corridors,
as blood drips on the floor.

The flesh is hot and clammy,
his blood shot eyes do plead.
But your no longer listening,
for now there is no need.

With a scalpel you poke the skin,
another screeching howl is heard.
How can you expect to concentrate?
This noise is simply absurd!

Securing the gag tightly,
you flash a sickly grin.
Excitement begins to rise
now the real fun can begin.

Splice with surgical precision,
just below the rib.
Body contorts in agony,
Ha! Teach you to fib.

Several ribs snap in two
his face full of fear.
But the resounding crack,
fills your body with cheer.

See his heart beating madly
mesmerized you just gaze.
Almost forgetting the task,
the pumping has you dazed.

Giving him a lingering look,
you orally remove the heart,
leaving his lifeless body,
it is time for you to depart.
Written Oct 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Whales Charm

Serenades echo across steel seas,
lone voice drifting along the breeze.
Moonlight dancing with the stars,
kissing waves from afar.
Hopes to charm a mate,
with soulful bait.
Whales song is

Written Oct 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Beauty Is To Me.

To me beauty is...
burnt amber glow,
sunsets magical prism.
Followed by...
diamonds dancing upon
velvet ebony sky's
second only to...
the opal crescent
that smiles down
on your dreams.

Written Oct 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved.

Closing The Door

No more sorry's can I take,
you had the chance, your mistake.
You've lied, deceived and cheated,
were so damn conceited.

So on you I have closed the door,
no apologies, any more.
I deserve more than this,
as for you, I will not miss.

I loved you more than life,
had hopes of being your wife.
But you tore my heart in two,
the day you were untrue.

Why do such a hurtful thing?
Didn't you know the pain it would bring?
Or were you hoping I wouldn't find out?
That your love I would never doubt.

Just shows how wrong you were,
now just go and be with her.
For I don't need you anymore,
this is me, closing the door.

Written Oct 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Demons on the Take

Mountains sliding, crumbling to dust,
melting into a violent, bubbling sea.
Fire raining from sinister dark sky's
every where is liquefied molten debris.

The earth cracks open, dark ravines,
demons crawl from the pits of hell.
Gnarling, snarling, thirsty for blood,
This is now their planet to dwell.

Crimson clouds swirls as mist,
unbleached bones begin to break
End of the world has now arrived,
and demoniac creatures are on the take.

Eyeballs slithering out with a pop,
torsos gouged and hollowed out.
Musical notations to demons ears,
mortals that shriek and shout.

Necks and spines snap with glee,
pulped flesh is ripped and torn.
Slurping and devouring every drop,
till there is no~one left to mourn.

Written Oct 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

The Road Less Traveled.

Bleak and desolate outlook,
darkness sweeps around.
The road less traveled,
seems to know no bounds.

Softly forward you tread,
discovered by lonely despair.
Attracted by the anguish,
is how it knows you're there.

Emptiness fill the void,
that expands by the day.
Yearning there was someone,
who could show you the way.

The tunnel nears its end,
visible becomes the light.
Telling you that now,
you will be prompt tonight.

Written Oct 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Creations Secrets

If rainbow's end could cry,
cascades of colours they'd shed.
Prisms of glorious light, would
be dancing inside your head.

If birds could sing in words,
delightful tunes would we hear.
Twilights chorus so musical,
and natures life crystal clear.

If a bubbling crest could talk,
as it crashed upon the sands.
The deepest secrets would be
revealed, ours to hold in our hands.

So much for us to hear and see,
Mother Nature continues to astound.
Surrounded by wonderful things,
alluring with her beauty all round.

Written Oct 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Rolling Mists

Rolling mists on the ocean,
Clouding beauty, the vision.
Dreams that can float upon,
swelling waves of precision.

Dreams of days gone by,
tracing names in the sand.
Joys of molding castles,
pleasures of holding hands.

Fruitful can mornings be,
creativity, desires and notions.
Triggered by inspiring views,
rolling mists on the ocean.

Written Oct 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

Musical Talent

When the musical tones began,
they sounded so very bad.
I had to get ear plugs but,
keep them hidden from my lad.

Months passed and I didn't hear,
the plugs did their job so well.
But we still got the reputation,
as the neighbors from hell.

Till one day when I awoke,
to pleasant, delightful tones.
The melody, the song, to
me were truly unknown.

To my amazement sat in a chair,
was my son strumming along.
The most divine musical theme,
the best of all songs.

Seems there was a hidden talent,
he is creative with so much.
Not only the guitar, no,
every instrument he does touch.

No more ear plugs are needed,
our neighbors smile once more.
My son now plays on stage,
and has so many fans that adore.

Written Oct 07

Need to Feel.

You left me desolate and numb,
every fiber of my being does yearn.
Your touch, your love, I need to feel,
unrequited desire still burns.

I don't get it, I don't understand,
you went whilst we were at our best.
You refused to return any of my calls,
part of me wonders if this is a test.

No letter, no note, no explanation,
why don't you want me near?
What did I do that was so wrong?
I am besotted inside with fear.

My heart is shattered, torn in two,
the sorrow and tears are no fun.
Dark shadows appear, this is no test,
you could have said why we are done.
Written Oct 07

Dead Leaves

Dead leaves fall slowly,
trees gnarl and twist.
What you thought were shadows,
no longer exist.

Mind writhing in turmoil,
depression begins to take hold.
Icy winds cut like a knife,
you're left out in the cold.

Soul does tear in two,
as heart begins to slow.
Would they even notice,
that you've decided to go?

Haunted whilst awake,
the cold begins to spread.
Now is the time, you know,
you may as well be dead.

Life force ebbs away,
crimson fluid escapes.
The shadows in your mind,
begin to form, take shape.

Numb, you feel nothing,
despite the razors sharp.
Sliced through so easily and
now has stopped your heart.

Written Oct 07

Natures Wrath

Descending raindrops, rippled ponds,
the air smells so divine.
Dark clouds bubble past,
labeling the day for grey.
Thunder rumbles, lightening cracks,
a storm is rolling towards us.

Winds gain speed, thrashing fast,
trees reluctantly bend and flex.
The sea is becoming hostile,
as black as the deepest abyss.
Waves are rising to wondrous heights,
white crest foaming as they crash.

Mother Nature is having a bad day,
showing a glimpse of her wrath.
Hostile raw beauty, that is stark,
yet powerfully impressive.
still, all to soon serenity returns,
and calm resplendence is restored.

Written Oct 07


Splintered and fragmented,
ink splashed on the floor.
Waves dabbed with moonlight,
the stars seem to implore.
Feeling inspired memories,
now to laborious to draw.

Written Oct 07

Death Of A Soul.

Fangs shimmer in the moonlight,
disguised well, he lays in wait.
This night is the first of many,
for he has decided my fate.

Pouncing suddenly he strikes,
teeth easily puncture the vein.
Fleetingly I catch a glimpse,
but soon my blood is drained.

Pain rips through my soul,
my body shiver and shakes.
As warm sticky liquid runs,
down my throat, I awake.

No more will the birds sing,
on the sun I've closed the door.
A veiled lady of darkness now,
I am a mere mortal no more.

Away with my new sire,
the night is mine to own.
Leaving pale dead corpses,
where ever I do roam.

Showing no fear or mercy,
my body no longer whole.
Pain I thought had killed me,
was just the death of my soul.
Written Oct 07


Ideas coming thick and fast,
how to get wads of cash.
Maybe it could be a lottery win,
but then the chances are very slim.
How about a great invention,
something never before mentioned.
I wish I could plant a money tree,
to my problems, that would be the key.
But then whats life without a dream,
be like a poem without a theme.

Written Oct 07

Skull Sessions

Maggots and beetles slithering,
piles crunching beneath my feet.
I come, to where you're chained,
ensuring I get a front row seat.

Your heart is mine for the taking,
I will seize it measure for measure.
Rip and tear, twist and squeeze,
slowly so I can enjoy the pleasure.

Do not expect sorrow or sympathy,
my vengeance will fill you with pain.
Scream, I will slice out your tongue,
so you can't pathetically complain.

Dank and mucid, terror struck eyes,
piece by piece of you will I dissect.
Hung drawn and quartered is to good,
for you should have shown some respect.

Dismember, sever, slice and rip,
a silver blade skims along your skin.
Say goodbye to your worthless body,
as the operation is about to begin.

I lick my lips, the blood is divine,
with your skin I mop my warm brow.
One mistake I may have accepted,
But two? I would never allow.

Liver, guts and entrails, served warm,
your heart I will simmer and roast.
A lesson has been taught tonight,
no longer are you able to boast!

A guillotine smile upon your face,
eyes bloodshot, lolling in sockets.
I cut a tiny piece of your heart,
and place it in my solid gold locket.

Written Oct 07

Lost loves

In a golden box, deep under ground,
is where lost loves can be found.
No twisted or tormented soul,
are permitted to enter into this hole.

The tunnels is where they can dwell,
or I can send them straight to hell.
For I am the keeper all alone,
sitting upon my elegant throne.

Lost loves come in many forms,
there really aren't any norms.
I keep them locked up safe 'n' sound,
until a new love can be found.

Sometimes swiftly they come and go,
others opt to take it slow.
Which ever way you decide,
true love will be your leading guide.

Written Oct 07


Pillars echo with sadness,
stone walls haunt the hall.
Many have passed through here,
and so will many more.

The air is thick with dust,
particles of a better time.
Flash of a fleeting existence,
memories within the grim.

Spotlights create the shadows,
bringing darkness to light.
Reflecting our illusions,
and dancing with delight.
Written Oct 07

Scream As You Awake

You scream as you awake,
what a laugh! Rest in peace?
Buried deep below the earth,
your not even flipping deceased!

Take deep breaths, try and think.
Oh my god, your stomach sinks!

How could they do this?
Leave you here all alone?
Trapped, scared and suffering,
the worst death ever known.

The lovely lining that they chose,
raked and ripped, till nails bleed.
Why the hell did no~one listen?
Why they hell, did they not heed?

Your ultimate fear has come true,
puffing, panting, needing air.
Tears of frozen fear escape,
crying won't help this deep despair.

Scream with pain, eyes full of fear,
knowing death is so very near.

Intake one last gulp of air,
the tension makes you shake.
Voice hoarse and eyes wide,
you scream as you awake....

Written Oct 07


Fear trapped inside your body,
bleeding pain into your mind.
Hell shows you no remorse,
and damnation is never kind.

Boiling pits forever eternal,
hissing and crackling fires.
Twisting, are the demons,
bound in steel barbed wire.

The inside of your mind's a mess,
too much for you to try and deal.
The mere thought of sorting it,
has become extremely unreal.

You try so hard to resist,
temptation gets in your way.
A while since you had a drink,
exactly five years and one day.

The demons need re~chaining,
so tight they cannot move.
The boiling pit needs tarmacking,
so the way forward is smooth.

Never has it been so strong,
the craving and the thirst.
Waterfalls are needed,
as fires are the worst.

Every minute is an hour,
every hour stretches a day.
But you know you'll  survive,
with your mind in disarray.

Written Oct 07

Doorway to hell

Sickening bolts of time,
freezing on the spot.
Dwelling in unopened bliss,
of how long they've got.

If they knew the truth
of something so divine.
Everyday of their life
would be a special time.

To the few mysterious souls
who know their days well.
Number them to prevent
the opening of your hell.

Written Sept 16th 07

Clouds of Madness

Eyes haunted with fear,
hearts swimming in pain.
The dark clouds of madness,
will drive you insane,

Rasping bones that crunch,
lolling eyes that swim.
Cold fears tapping you,
wanting to come in.

Hanging on with all your might,
scared to lose your grip.
No one there to help you,
should you fall or slip.

Time's coming to an end,
your body crippled in pain.
Look over your shoulder,
you've just gone insane.

Written Sept 22nd 07


Deep down, in flesh and bone,
is my own private hell.
One hundred skulls, make my throne,
a place I loath to dwell.

Rancid matter on the walls,
pools of blood, the floor.
Tormented souls, haunt the halls,
and the devil guards the door.

Of this stench I will never be free,
in this prison I must die.
Because the curse you put on me,
said more than just goodbye.

Written Sept 20th 07

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,

The haunted house on willow hill,
center piece for hallowed thrills.
Doing as many have done before,
daring others to knock on the door.

Not one wanting to take the dare
knowing they'll get,one hell of a scare
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe,
the littlest one has to go.

Eyes are wide, trembles with fear,
whilst all the others begin to cheer.
Tiny steps, steady and slow,
Groan, 'why did it have to be me to go?'

All too soon he's at the door,
where he has got to tap, times four.
Shaking fist, rap, rap, rap,
somethings moving, ghost, ghoul? Crap!

Turn and run as fast as he can,
to hurriedly join the rest of his clan.
Shaking, panting, gulping air,
he's just done his very first dare.

His turn is over
for this year.
Next hallows eve
will brandish more fear!

Written Sept 18th 07

Hours Of Your Past

Time has a will all of its own
it can slip by extremely fast.
How much spent in your memories?
Did you double the hours of your past?

The splendid feelings of passion,
can freeze a heartbeat within.
Only despair seems to unwind,
so that time scarcely begins.

When tender years are young,
the months do lightly tread.
Whilst aging towards demise,
the years just steam ahead.

We have the inclination to,
label each day as they pass.
Until there are no more,
and we reach the end at last.
Written  Oct 29, 2007


Lets get this party started,
by killing all the guests.
Smash, bash, wriggle and writhe,
and adorn their skins as vests.

Pierce, cut, splice and slice,
diseased skin starts to unfold.
Revealing shards of splintered bone,
blood shed begins to take hold.

Eyeballs slip out with a pop,
muscles contract, lashing turmoil.
The party is now so much fun,
guests are blistering in recoil.

Demons lick their cracked lips,
transgression is almost complete.
One sole survivor of the night,
and she's as white as a sheet.

Spends the rest of her days in
a padded cell, asylum for the insane.
Because she said the demons did it
and refused to take the blame.
Written Oct 29, 2007

Ripe Tripe

This poem is to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Pumping, trumping, oh the stink,
how I wish my nose would shrink.
My those beans were really ripe,
now my farts do smell like tripe.
Fingers crossed I make the loo,
or I may just follow through!
Written Oct 25, 2007

Monsta Mash

When the sun sets on all hallows eve,
the earth begins to move in the cemeteries.
It's the same for all who get the urge,
together they unite for the Monster Murge.

They kill as one, just for tonight,
then for the party they all unite.
Discussing in depth macabre tales,
of victims they slaughter and impale.

Anyone who gets caught up in this feast,
should just pray for a quick release.
Werewolves will rip, shred and tear,
gut bloody innards, entrails everywhere.

Vampires however, take their time,
for they are tidy while they dine.
Slurping vital fluids like milkshake,
whilst their victims are still awake.

Now zombies, they really are a mess,
all moldy with maggots that infest.
Some peel your skin of in one long roll,
whilst others attempt to eat you whole.

As you crawl, leaving a blood soaked floor,
you know they'll find you wanting more.
The Monsta Murge is in full swing,
though it resembles more a boxing ring.

Ivory skeletons madly twist and grind,
not caring if they leave a bone behind.
Witches line the room like wall flowers,
they really should have used their powers.

It would have ensured them all a date,
instead of chancing it, leaving it to fate.
Then just before the sun does rise,
they all bid farewell and say good bye.

Written Oct, 2007
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved


If rainbows end could cry,
cascades of colours they'd shed.
Prisms of glorious light, would
be dancing inside your head.

If birds could sing in words,
delightful tunes we'd hear.
Twilights chorus would be so musical,
and natures life would be clear.

If a bubbling crest could talk,
as it crashed upon the sands.
The deepest secrets would be
revealed, ours to hold in our hands.

Surrounded by wonderful things,
natures natural colours and sounds.
So much for us to hear and see, if only
we'd stop, listen and look around.
Written Oct, 2007

Bloody Mirrors

They crush you,
pound you,
bleed you dry.
Then what?
Roll over and die?
Not I!

Chilling throbbing, mocking me,
frightening phantoms I cannot see.
Sickness crawls upon my skin,
as I try not to let repulsion win.

Bloody mirrors showing images,
lethal poison filled syringes.
Rancid matter upon the floors,
blood running down the walls.

This hellish night has taken its toll,
and now it wants to take my soul.
Carnage, as the armies of hell arise,
they say to be dead is to be alive.

Ripping me, hating me, leaving me torn.
My body, my mind, so very worn.
Darkness begins to take hold,
taunting you to forget your foe.

Rupture, grind and rake, pure bliss,
Leading you into the somber abyss.
Turmoil and dismemberment intensifies,
when I see through my bleak disguise.

The devils voice beckons me,
come and look, come and see.
I closed the door on fate tonight,
I hope the decision I made was right.

They crush you,
pound you,
bleed you dry,
then what?
Roll over and die?
Not I.

Written Oct, 2007

Hells Resort.

Acrid stench from swirling mists,
oppressed by your extreme vanity.
Unearthly souls invade your mind,
disfigured by your serpentine insanity.

Snapping spines without felt mercy,
arterial splatter that you guzzle and ingest.
Tempestuous signs longing to pulsate,
while deceit manages to shiver at best.

Avenging demons causing untold chaos,
awakening mortals squirm and contort.
Noxious gases ooze above rancid pools,
within the walls of hells hostile resort.
Written Oct 20, 2007

Forever Young

Dew drops glisten upon bladed grass,
the time is now, yours to seize.
Before the sun rises too high,
the souls are dancing in the breeze.

Pick one quick, beware their speed,
to be free they will twist and fight.
Do not give them a single chance,
hold on with all your might.

Next are the scattered rainbow drops,
you require one of each shade.
The goblins may help you out there,
but be sure they are well paid.

The final item is liquid sunlight,
only the crimson bat can guide.
But beware of how you ask him or,
from flight you'll be forever denied.

If all of these you manage to get,
I can enchant you with my spell.
Youth will remain by your side,
and time will serve you well.
Written  Oct 19, 2007

Lonely Black Dove

Black and white rainbows with shades of gray
are all I see on this mournful day.
The lonely black dove magically sings,
her mystical tunes carried on the winds.

Suns of deep crimson, gales of ice,
horror will only call on you twice.
Once to barter for your pure soul,
next to collect payment in whole.

Acid rain with smoldering clouds,
demons are coming in their crowds.
So go, take your place on your throne,
surrounded by hell, fire and brimstone.

Your heart you pledged to the devil himself,
just so you could live a life of wealth.
The devils bride, hells new queen,
you see all that was, has ever been.

So yes, you got it, you were rich,
and payback is going to be a b----!
Eternal slumber is not an option,
your after life is rancid, rotten.

Heed my warning, heed it well,
NEVER cast a black magic spell.
But if into the abyss you do fall,
you will hear the black doves call.   
Written Oct 20, 2007

Pay Here

They lay in wait, hidden,
like a spider in its web.
For that very first second,
of you being dead.

Long bony fingers,
brush over your soul.
Hoping that they catch,
whilst it's still whole.

All those evil deeds,
you did throughout your life.
Like the other week,
when you killed your wife.

A thousand times plus,
now its time to pay.
Not one single decision,
you don't get a say.

Harps and heralding angels?
Not much chance of that.
They would like to boil you,
steamed in hells large vat.

Let me tell you one thing,
I could briefly mention.
If you don't serve time in life,
in death you do detention.

Written Oct 15, 2007


Breeze sweeps over lost souls,
wisping particles, through holes.
Prevent the darkest deepest sin,
from breaking through, getting in.

Bind the tick of time lost,
at your peril, at your cost.
Silence stops and does stare,
as ego shouts upon your flair.

Shaken, writhing, breathless twist,
lest time comes poured in mist,
Peeling back the fleshy bone,
revealing now, its true home.  

Written Oct, 2007

Shadows Dissolve

Songs of silence binds us,
entwined together in bliss.
The single beat of a heart,
never once missed.

Gates of paradise open,
welcoming arms, embrace.
A smile softly caresses,
the light upon your face.

Time comes to a stand still,
a frozen moment within.
I'm the happiest now,
than I've ever before been.

Well being surrounds me,
now that you are near.
Dark shadows dissolve,
I have nothing more to fear.

You've unlocked my mind,
opened it up to a new.
Nothings the same,
since I've found you.

Written Oct, 2007


Dim and elusive are the goals,
silken strands wrap your souls.
A prisoner of your tormented mind,
pulling, pushing, grasping blind.

Stuck in the very depths of hell,
twisting, writhing in your cell.
Go, slash your savage tongue,
before your words get you hung.

A handsome feast on your great pain,
addicted to something hard to attain.
You'll stay with me in this deep despair,
chained to my hell, you go nowhere.

Thrash and convulse all you need
it will speed up the delights you bleed.
Over now is my time of fasting,
for your pain will be everlasting.

Written  Oct 9, 2007

Strength from within

No more fear, no more pain
never again will I take the blame
your anger was a force to behold
a way to get me to do as I'm told
cuts and bruises are all healed
but deeper wounds will never yield
a single tear escapes my eye
when I think how easy I could have died
children damaged beyond repair
all because you were there
as I lay upon my bed
notions drifting within my head
through the window I see the trees
gently swaying in the breeze
clouds are scattered throughout the sky
like broken promises drifting by
I close my eyes and think of you
all the things you said you'd do
but since I've gone, walked out the door
my love for you is no more
I'd felt the pain for oh so long
but now I'm back and twice as strong.

Gift of life

Pain ripples muscles tense
nothing anymore is making sense
I pant and groan as I see
this has been done throughout history
millions have been here before
and I know there will be many more
pain coarses through my body again
when oh when will this end
all those people prior to me
how did they manage two and three
writhing twisting and pushing hard
a repeat event is defiantly barred
the laws of nature seem very extreme
as I try not to let out another scream
as I pant I hope and pray
that I will deliver today
another bolt of pain untold
as events begin to unfold
pant groan push and squeeze
it brings the mightiest to their knees
just when I think I've had my fill
they hand me the worlds greatest miracle.


Sixteen weeks and not a thing
you promised me you'd try to ring
not a sign of the written word
not a thing have I heard
it's tearing family's wide apart
leaving many with broken hearts
we are all pawns in a game
neither side taking the blame
why can't people get it right
just come together just unite
young lives cut short untold waste
as war rages on in its haste
men are shouting out and calling
as the bombs keep on falling
fathers worried mothers torn
girlfriends and siblings all forlorn
terrible things run through my head
as I fear your names on the list of dead
will we ever see blissful peace
will this violent war ever cease
stomach knots and tears fall
as I hope you'll get chance to call
even just a scribbled note
would fill me up with so much hope
for now nothing more can I do
except write daily my love for you
and pray we will have a life
that one day soon I'll be your wife.