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Friday, 12 July 2013

Musical Talent

When the musical tones began,
they sounded so very bad.
I had to get ear plugs but,
keep them hidden from my lad.

Months passed and I didn't hear,
the plugs did their job so well.
But we still got the reputation,
as the neighbors from hell.

Till one day when I awoke,
to pleasant, delightful tones.
The melody, the song, to
me were truly unknown.

To my amazement sat in a chair,
was my son strumming along.
The most divine musical theme,
the best of all songs.

Seems there was a hidden talent,
he is creative with so much.
Not only the guitar, no,
every instrument he does touch.

No more ear plugs are needed,
our neighbors smile once more.
My son now plays on stage,
and has so many fans that adore.

Written Oct 07

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