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Friday, 12 July 2013

Forever Young

Dew drops glisten upon bladed grass,
the time is now, yours to seize.
Before the sun rises too high,
the souls are dancing in the breeze.

Pick one quick, beware their speed,
to be free they will twist and fight.
Do not give them a single chance,
hold on with all your might.

Next are the scattered rainbow drops,
you require one of each shade.
The goblins may help you out there,
but be sure they are well paid.

The final item is liquid sunlight,
only the crimson bat can guide.
But beware of how you ask him or,
from flight you'll be forever denied.

If all of these you manage to get,
I can enchant you with my spell.
Youth will remain by your side,
and time will serve you well.
Written  Oct 19, 2007

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