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Friday, 12 July 2013

Monsta Mash

When the sun sets on all hallows eve,
the earth begins to move in the cemeteries.
It's the same for all who get the urge,
together they unite for the Monster Murge.

They kill as one, just for tonight,
then for the party they all unite.
Discussing in depth macabre tales,
of victims they slaughter and impale.

Anyone who gets caught up in this feast,
should just pray for a quick release.
Werewolves will rip, shred and tear,
gut bloody innards, entrails everywhere.

Vampires however, take their time,
for they are tidy while they dine.
Slurping vital fluids like milkshake,
whilst their victims are still awake.

Now zombies, they really are a mess,
all moldy with maggots that infest.
Some peel your skin of in one long roll,
whilst others attempt to eat you whole.

As you crawl, leaving a blood soaked floor,
you know they'll find you wanting more.
The Monsta Murge is in full swing,
though it resembles more a boxing ring.

Ivory skeletons madly twist and grind,
not caring if they leave a bone behind.
Witches line the room like wall flowers,
they really should have used their powers.

It would have ensured them all a date,
instead of chancing it, leaving it to fate.
Then just before the sun does rise,
they all bid farewell and say good bye.

Written Oct, 2007
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

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