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Friday, 12 July 2013

The Blessed Land.

Osiris ruled with his wife Isis.
there ways were just and right.
His brother, Set, was pure evil,
and prepared trouble to blight.

He coveted the throne of Osiris,
and devised a scheme to kill.
He built a box, bound with magic,
when drunk challenged his skill.

Intoxicated Osiris entered the box,
to which the magic kept him tied.
No escape was ever possible,
he was chained until he died.

The times ahead were dark,
blessed Isis was so mild,
yet countered the wicked magic,
And before long bore a child.

The child, Horus, grew strong,
and Osiris became lord of the dead.
Horus did finally defeat his uncle,
but refused his blood to shed.

Horus and Set will battle once more,
If Horus wins, we shall give praise.
But, should wicked evil Set win,
it could well be the end of our days.

Written Nov 07
 © LadyDementia. All rights reserved

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