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Friday, 12 July 2013

Death Of A Soul.

Fangs shimmer in the moonlight,
disguised well, he lays in wait.
This night is the first of many,
for he has decided my fate.

Pouncing suddenly he strikes,
teeth easily puncture the vein.
Fleetingly I catch a glimpse,
but soon my blood is drained.

Pain rips through my soul,
my body shiver and shakes.
As warm sticky liquid runs,
down my throat, I awake.

No more will the birds sing,
on the sun I've closed the door.
A veiled lady of darkness now,
I am a mere mortal no more.

Away with my new sire,
the night is mine to own.
Leaving pale dead corpses,
where ever I do roam.

Showing no fear or mercy,
my body no longer whole.
Pain I thought had killed me,
was just the death of my soul.
Written Oct 07

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