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Friday, 12 July 2013

Lonely Black Dove

Black and white rainbows with shades of gray
are all I see on this mournful day.
The lonely black dove magically sings,
her mystical tunes carried on the winds.

Suns of deep crimson, gales of ice,
horror will only call on you twice.
Once to barter for your pure soul,
next to collect payment in whole.

Acid rain with smoldering clouds,
demons are coming in their crowds.
So go, take your place on your throne,
surrounded by hell, fire and brimstone.

Your heart you pledged to the devil himself,
just so you could live a life of wealth.
The devils bride, hells new queen,
you see all that was, has ever been.

So yes, you got it, you were rich,
and payback is going to be a b----!
Eternal slumber is not an option,
your after life is rancid, rotten.

Heed my warning, heed it well,
NEVER cast a black magic spell.
But if into the abyss you do fall,
you will hear the black doves call.   
Written Oct 20, 2007

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