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Friday, 12 July 2013


Fear trapped inside your body,
bleeding pain into your mind.
Hell shows you no remorse,
and damnation is never kind.

Boiling pits forever eternal,
hissing and crackling fires.
Twisting, are the demons,
bound in steel barbed wire.

The inside of your mind's a mess,
too much for you to try and deal.
The mere thought of sorting it,
has become extremely unreal.

You try so hard to resist,
temptation gets in your way.
A while since you had a drink,
exactly five years and one day.

The demons need re~chaining,
so tight they cannot move.
The boiling pit needs tarmacking,
so the way forward is smooth.

Never has it been so strong,
the craving and the thirst.
Waterfalls are needed,
as fires are the worst.

Every minute is an hour,
every hour stretches a day.
But you know you'll  survive,
with your mind in disarray.

Written Oct 07

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