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Friday, 12 July 2013


Sixteen weeks and not a thing
you promised me you'd try to ring
not a sign of the written word
not a thing have I heard
it's tearing family's wide apart
leaving many with broken hearts
we are all pawns in a game
neither side taking the blame
why can't people get it right
just come together just unite
young lives cut short untold waste
as war rages on in its haste
men are shouting out and calling
as the bombs keep on falling
fathers worried mothers torn
girlfriends and siblings all forlorn
terrible things run through my head
as I fear your names on the list of dead
will we ever see blissful peace
will this violent war ever cease
stomach knots and tears fall
as I hope you'll get chance to call
even just a scribbled note
would fill me up with so much hope
for now nothing more can I do
except write daily my love for you
and pray we will have a life
that one day soon I'll be your wife.

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