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Friday, 12 July 2013

Browbeat Years

Into the background I shrink,
broken, faded and ignored.
Hoping that the bullies
will leave or get bored.

Brutally tormenting me,
their jeers inhumane.
Taking great pleasure,
in causing me pain.

My suffering is unobserved,
my distress undetected.
Day after day after day,
I am continually rejected.

What the hell did I do?
Why did they pick me?
Please leave me alone,
I'm begging, set me free.

At the beginning it was
name calling and jeers.
Then after some time,
violence appeared.

Hiding my bruises,
all black and blue.
Not one person guessed
what I was going through.

At long last its over,
I get to leave this school.
Along with the bullies,
who were unbearably cruel.

Written Oct 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

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