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Friday, 12 July 2013

Bloody Mirrors

They crush you,
pound you,
bleed you dry.
Then what?
Roll over and die?
Not I!

Chilling throbbing, mocking me,
frightening phantoms I cannot see.
Sickness crawls upon my skin,
as I try not to let repulsion win.

Bloody mirrors showing images,
lethal poison filled syringes.
Rancid matter upon the floors,
blood running down the walls.

This hellish night has taken its toll,
and now it wants to take my soul.
Carnage, as the armies of hell arise,
they say to be dead is to be alive.

Ripping me, hating me, leaving me torn.
My body, my mind, so very worn.
Darkness begins to take hold,
taunting you to forget your foe.

Rupture, grind and rake, pure bliss,
Leading you into the somber abyss.
Turmoil and dismemberment intensifies,
when I see through my bleak disguise.

The devils voice beckons me,
come and look, come and see.
I closed the door on fate tonight,
I hope the decision I made was right.

They crush you,
pound you,
bleed you dry,
then what?
Roll over and die?
Not I.

Written Oct, 2007

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