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Friday, 12 July 2013

Skull Sessions

Maggots and beetles slithering,
piles crunching beneath my feet.
I come, to where you're chained,
ensuring I get a front row seat.

Your heart is mine for the taking,
I will seize it measure for measure.
Rip and tear, twist and squeeze,
slowly so I can enjoy the pleasure.

Do not expect sorrow or sympathy,
my vengeance will fill you with pain.
Scream, I will slice out your tongue,
so you can't pathetically complain.

Dank and mucid, terror struck eyes,
piece by piece of you will I dissect.
Hung drawn and quartered is to good,
for you should have shown some respect.

Dismember, sever, slice and rip,
a silver blade skims along your skin.
Say goodbye to your worthless body,
as the operation is about to begin.

I lick my lips, the blood is divine,
with your skin I mop my warm brow.
One mistake I may have accepted,
But two? I would never allow.

Liver, guts and entrails, served warm,
your heart I will simmer and roast.
A lesson has been taught tonight,
no longer are you able to boast!

A guillotine smile upon your face,
eyes bloodshot, lolling in sockets.
I cut a tiny piece of your heart,
and place it in my solid gold locket.

Written Oct 07

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