Here you will find my musings, most are quite dark and appeal to a select few, if you fall under that category I hope you enjoy what you read, thoughts are welcome
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Friday, 12 July 2013


Dim and elusive are the goals,
silken strands wrap your souls.
A prisoner of your tormented mind,
pulling, pushing, grasping blind.

Stuck in the very depths of hell,
twisting, writhing in your cell.
Go, slash your savage tongue,
before your words get you hung.

A handsome feast on your great pain,
addicted to something hard to attain.
You'll stay with me in this deep despair,
chained to my hell, you go nowhere.

Thrash and convulse all you need
it will speed up the delights you bleed.
Over now is my time of fasting,
for your pain will be everlasting.

Written  Oct 9, 2007

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