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Friday, 12 July 2013

Scream As You Awake

You scream as you awake,
what a laugh! Rest in peace?
Buried deep below the earth,
your not even flipping deceased!

Take deep breaths, try and think.
Oh my god, your stomach sinks!

How could they do this?
Leave you here all alone?
Trapped, scared and suffering,
the worst death ever known.

The lovely lining that they chose,
raked and ripped, till nails bleed.
Why the hell did no~one listen?
Why they hell, did they not heed?

Your ultimate fear has come true,
puffing, panting, needing air.
Tears of frozen fear escape,
crying won't help this deep despair.

Scream with pain, eyes full of fear,
knowing death is so very near.

Intake one last gulp of air,
the tension makes you shake.
Voice hoarse and eyes wide,
you scream as you awake....

Written Oct 07

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