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Friday, 12 July 2013


Fires of hell and burning pits,
swirling mist of damnation.
Panic and bile rise in your throat,
as you realize your situation.

'Do a deal with the devil' they said,
'get all your hearts desires.'
Not one mention then was there,
of you burning in hells fire.

So was it really worth it then?
To ask for one true love?
To have your soul ripped and torn,
devoured by the lonely black dove.

Hell yes! Of course it was,
to feel so special and true.
Feeling all those emotions
that were previously taboo.

You'd never heard of this magic,
or spells, before that night.
Above and beyond did you go,
sought perfection, to get it right.

Bones of black cat and grave yard dirt,
these things in a box you did place.
Buried at the center of a cross roads
along with a picture of your face.

Mere seconds and there he was,
the deal was signed and sealed.
True love was coming your way
all that had ever appealed.

Twenty four hours of pure bliss,
entwined with loving romance.
Floating on clouds of cotton dreams
embracing your lover as you dance.

The fires of hell seem brighter now,
you finally got your way.
So intrigued by mortal emotion
you turned human for the day.

Written Nov 07
© LadyDementia. All rights reserved

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