Here you will find my musings, most are quite dark and appeal to a select few, if you fall under that category I hope you enjoy what you read, thoughts are welcome
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Friday, 12 July 2013


Lets get this party started,
by killing all the guests.
Smash, bash, wriggle and writhe,
and adorn their skins as vests.

Pierce, cut, splice and slice,
diseased skin starts to unfold.
Revealing shards of splintered bone,
blood shed begins to take hold.

Eyeballs slip out with a pop,
muscles contract, lashing turmoil.
The party is now so much fun,
guests are blistering in recoil.

Demons lick their cracked lips,
transgression is almost complete.
One sole survivor of the night,
and she's as white as a sheet.

Spends the rest of her days in
a padded cell, asylum for the insane.
Because she said the demons did it
and refused to take the blame.
Written Oct 29, 2007

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